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What Is Your Activation Date For Uber Or Lyft?

The day you start driving for Lyft or Uber. is your activation date  A common complaint has been that you can not rely on a message or email to let you know you’re active.

So after you apply as a new driver, you’ll want to make sure you keep an eye on when you become eligible for the drive. If your application has not been approved, you can use the help given at to check your status.

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Knowing when you are active is important for several reasons. First, you do not want to lose any time you can drive, as a bonus you depend on completing a number of rides. Second, you will need it for reference retroactive information, which we’ll get to in a minute.

Get your Referral Code

How do you get, and distribute your referral code as the existing drivers? Well, as we said, you will probably get a regular reminder of Uber, encouraging you to refer to another person as a new driver. 

You can get the code by going to the dashboard of your partner, and from there you can choose to invite to your code, with Gmail, or manually.

Your code is a combination of letters and numbers, which can be mistypes if anyone enters manually when they register. This means that you, the driver, will not get credit. Instead, you can either choose “Tweet” or “share” or create your own links embedded, so the driver simply connects to you when they register, rather than entering the code.