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How Can You Help Your Child Quit The Habit Of Thumb Sucking?

First of all, understand that thumb sucking is not a sign of any disorders; it is just an unhealthy habit for your kid. And while it is necessary that your kid should quit thumb sucking as soon as possible to avoid complications with their teeth development, understand that babies who suck usually do so to calm themselves. Try to find out why your child feels the need to comfort themselves in this way and relieve those stresses. You can also get to know how to stop thumb sucking by visiting the Amazon Australia website.

Second, involve your child in solving the problem. Two heads are better than one and including your child, it will feel like a team effort. Educate your child on how thumb sucking can hurt their smile.

Third, work together to break the habit. Praise your child when they do, rather than scolding them. Try to put a bandage on their favorite finger during the day so that the texture reminds them that the fingers are not in the mouth.

Does your child suck his thumb while sleeping? Try putting socks on your hands before sleep and cover thumb with tape. This method works especially well for older children because they want to appear as "big boys" or "big girls" and thumb sucking is for children. When they still wake up with socks, they can be proud of themselves for not knowing that they didn't suck during the night!

In how many days or nights your child can go without thumb-sucking for this you can make a reward chart. Use funny stickers or tickets to track the chart to show progress. Positivity and encouragement go a long way when it kicks the habit.