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Allotment gardens are typically vacant lots that are divided into individual plots. These plots are then assigned to individuals who tend the plots in whatever fashion they like.

These gardens are popular with individuals who enjoy gardening but do not have a yard of their own. The result is a beautiful patchwork of different gardens that provide fulfillment to individuals and natural beauty to the community as a whole. You can also buy best garden edging products through various online stores.

Donation Gardens

Donation gardens focus on growing edible crops for philanthropic reasons. The resulting food is given to local food pantries and homeless shelters. Most donation gardens focus on organic produce and rely on natural fertilizers and organic soil conditioners for a healthy, robust yield.

These gardens also often produce their own compost using left over food stuff and vegetation. Because the garden is city-central, we recommend the Bokashi compost fermentation system rather than traditional decomposition, as it is much faster and does not emit foul odors into the community.

School Gardens

School gardens give urban children a chance to experience horticulture in a way that is normally unavailable. These gardens focus on teaching children about sustainable agriculture, science, and applied mathematics in a hands-on gardening atmosphere.

The interaction also provides personal growth, as they develop their ability to work as a team, learn life skills, and develop social skills. The result is a more knowledgeable child with a strong sense of accomplishment. Schools can also benefit from collecting cafeteria wastes and converting it into soil amendments. These types of projects help children learning recycling and growing plants. Because there is less waste going into dumpsters, there are less hauling costs.