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Custom T Shirts – What Are Your Choices?

Just like with everything else that surrounds you as you go about your daily life, technology has changed the way custom t-shirts can be produced. In the past, people only have one choice when designing a custom t-shirt and it has their silk-screened.

What has changed, is that digital printing technology used for solely limited to the print paper has now been adapted for printing on fabric as well. So, now is not the time and cost required preparing and adjusting to the silkscreen, the image is only loaded into the printer's memory and pressed the button to complete the task of printing a shirt. You can buy custom made tee shirts online from various internet sources.

Benefits of Digital Printing

So, it's all just that easy and there is a downside to digitally print custom t-shirts? While digital t-shirt printing offers several benefits, it also has some limitations as well. For example, because there is no setup labor and overhead, there will usually be no minimum charge when the order is being filled. In fact, some even print business will do as little as one shirt for you if you want.

screen printing press machine with a black long sleeve shirt on the press

Digital Paragraph printing

What this means, is that it would be cheaper to have big order silk screened rather than have them printed digitally. Then there are some other things to consider as well.

Some Color in One Shot

For example, while a digital printer can do some color in one shot; the ink used in the digital printer must be thin to function properly in the machine. This means that you will see the best results when you print a dark color on a light-colored cloth. Also, the results of digital printers can often fade more quickly if the clothes are not treated properly.