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Cork Flooring – Top Benefits

Floor decor evolves along with the development of flooring ideas. From hardwood floors to contemporary bamboo flooring, floor designs keep forward, introducing new concepts almost continuously. Cork flooring is one more option on the list.

However, before one truly recognizes the value of cork as a flooring material, it is essential to be aware of what the material cork actually is, and also what it is that makes it unique. Therefore, let's look at the nature of cork and its origins.

Cork is derived by removing the wood of the cork oak. The cork oaks are found throughout the Mediterranean. They are found in many countries. Seven of them are the biggest exporter and producers of these trees. These seven countries are Spain, Portugal, Algeria, Italy, Tunisia, Morocco, and France. Also, Portugal is the largest producer of all, having more than 30% of the cork tree production in the world, and 70 percent of the world's total cork production.

The benefits of Cork Floors:

These are the most significant advantages of cork flooring you can enjoy by using it.

Comfort and Softness

Cork's cellular structure retains air and the air-trapped structure gives an incredibly shock-absorbing and comfortable feeling on the flooring. It's extremely beneficial for situations where you are standing frequently, for example, in the kitchen. Its softness will provide comfort to your back, feet, and legs.


Cork has an unrivaled and natural beauty. None of the flooring materials can compete with it with respect to its beauty. It comes in several colors. Different floor material manufacturers provide various tile shapes and patterns as well.

Noise Reduction

That very cellular cork structure that makes the floor comfortable can also reduce noise and vibration. Unlike hard floor materials like hardwood, tile, and laminate, cork as a flooring material is quiet and minimizes impact noise, such as the sound of walking by people or pets or dropping on the floor.