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Differences Between Tights, Stockings And Hold Ups

There are so many types of hosiery available in the market today, that it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference. For a quick run-through of the differences between three of the most popular, tights, stockings, and hold-ups, read on.


Tights are perhaps the most popular type of knitwear. They cover the entire leg from waist to toe and are connected at the top with a belt. You can easily buy comfortable tights from various online sources.

They come in different gauges or denominations, and the lower the denomination, the thinner the stockings will be. Usually made of nylon (often with the addition of lycra), they can be worn all year round.

Many winter tights are made of wool to provide warmth and functionality, and you can also get mesh tights as an alternative to nylon.


The main difference between tights and socks is that the socks don't fit over the top. They usually end at the top of the thigh and must be held in place with a garter belt and suspenders.

Socks are also mostly made of nylon and come in different deniers. It's rare to have socks made of materials other than nylon or mesh, and are therefore less common during the winter months unless clothing requires them.


The legs are similar to socks in that they stand on their own and end at the thighs but do not interfere with the suspenders. They are held in place with elastic and silicone straps that are sewn to the top of the brace, ensuring they stay firmly in place on the leg.

Although stockings, socks, and stockings are very similar, especially in terms of their materials, there are many differences between them in terms of their purpose and preferences.