When Should You Hire a College Consultant?

Students can take the opportunity to search for suitable colleges through one-on-one discussions with experienced admissions specialists. The process of finding, selecting, and applying for a dream university requires a solid organization and strategy, and counselors can help students with this.

College admissions consultants, also called independent education counselors (IECs), work with students to figure out which schools a student should apply to. They also guide them through the application and essay-writing processes. 

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Knowing that they enter higher education based on their education and/or occupation, competent counselors can provide information to students who need advice and/or information from anyone other than their parents or friends.

Students who are interested in "non-standard thinking", who need more guidance on a specific area of interest, or who have learning difficulties can benefit significantly from independent advisory services.

Other people who can benefit from this service are those who have difficulty with ideas for their essays, those who need help staying on track to complete their application. If you decide to hire an independent consultant, make sure you work with someone who understands your needs.

Admission consultants’ services often go beyond merely selecting and applying to schools. Planning college visits and helping select extracurricular and summer activities that will make a student a well-rounded applicant are other services admissions consultants sometimes offer.