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Popular Chain Bracelet Designs

Chain bracelets are among the most classic jewelry that’s great for every moment. Both women and men wear bracelets, but the forms and patterns worn by guys are rather different.

If you’re interested in modern fashion jewelry, you may benefit from learning some of the most popular chain necklace kinds. Listed below are few traditional costume designs that are popular even today. To know about chain bracelet women visit

  • Cable chain bracelets

Cable chains are among the most widely used chain designs. It’s a classic variety that is composed of little interlocked oval shapes.

They’re used for designing unique men’s bracelets fashioned with personalized and charms pendants or plaques. Cable chains can also be used for making necklaces and rings. Rather than oval links, nowadays, heart-shaped hyperlinks are used for designing these chains for ladies.

  • Curb chain bracelets

Curb chains are made from curved links. The curves are linked quite closely and the series has a heavy appearance. They are fantastic for producing men’s casual bracelets.

Stainless Steel and silver bracelets are very common. They’re also used for making a variety of kinds of biker jewelry such as necklaces and rings. If you’re seeking a durable men’s bracelet, you can surely choose a curb chain. It’s fairly durable and may be used daily.

  • Bead chain bracelets

If you’re looking for a fashionable men’s bracelet, you can certainly invest in a bead chain bracelet. The pattern incorporates miniature balls joined with connecting links. The design looks like a beaded chain. Nowadays, various kinds of beads are used for making this sort of chain.