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What Are The Steps To Install A Toilet?

Once you have bought the best toilet seat after going through reviews of best toilet consumer reports, it’s time that you follow the steps to install a toilet.

Here are 12 easy steps to install any type of toilet with ease:

  1. Shut off the water supply. Usually, a small stopper handle is found very close to the tank.
  2. Remove the old toilet by unscrewing the support screws on each side.
  3. Remove all of the old wax with a sturdy trowel or putty knife. Tip: cover the hole with an old cloth to avoid bad smells and to prevent anything from falling into the hole.
  4. Install the bolts in the flange that will be used to secure the new toilet. Tip: check that the new toilet will be level. Try it out by putting the new toilet in its place.
  5. Install the new wax washer. Tip: To help you, turn the bowl and attach the wax washer. Make sure it sticks well to the wall.
  6. Remove the cloth covering the hole and place the new bowl. Line up with the bolts and place the toilet correctly and plumb. Apply pressure to seal the wax donut
  7. Install washers and tightening bolts, using an adjustable wrench. Tip: Be careful not to overtighten the bolts, you risk breaking the ceramic of the base of the toilet, which is rather fragile.
  8. Attach the decorative caps over the bolts and onto the rod. Tip: If the rods are too long, cut them with a hacksaw and install the caps with a little silicone.
  9. Install the tank. Secure the rubber washer underneath and remove the tightening bolts at the bottom of the tank.
  10. Lay the tank in place and make sure to line up the mounting bolts. Tip: Make sure you tighten the bolts properly. Use a screwdriver through the inside of the bowl and hold the bolts with an adjustable wrench.
  11. Connect the water supply hose.
  12. Complete the installation of the new toilet by securing the seat.