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Various Types of Women’s Intimate Wear

Most likely, the first garment worn by a man or woman was underwear. It could have been a loincloth or a fig leaf. Since then, clothing and undergarments have changed to meet the dual purposes of fashion and comfort. You can visit this website to purchase different kinds of intimate wear for women.

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Let's take an in-depth look at the various types of intimate wear that are available for women today.


Brassieres, also known as "bra", have been around since the late 19th-century when they replaced the corset to support breasts. Bras of today are more form-fitting than ever and can be used to support as well as enhance the figure. Bras come in many styles, colors, fabrics, and often have matching panties.


The most versatile part of women’s intimate clothing is the panties. They can be full-coverage or barely their panties, as well as the full-coverage shorts. There are many options for panties, including a variety of fabrics and colors.


The purpose of shapewear is to control and alter the figure to create a flattering silhouette. Today's most popular shapewear is lightweight and form-fitting fabrics like Lycra spandex. 

A bodysuit, also known as a body brief, is the most popular design. It is similar to a leotard and usually extends to the knee or thigh to smoothen and shape the hip and thigh areas.

Camisoles & Tanks

Camisoles and tank tops can be worn to conceal breasts and provide modesty. Camisoles can be worn in lieu of or over a bra and can be worn with a half-slip to create the illusion of a full-length slip. 

There are many types of camisoles, from silky and lacy to more utilitarian cotton and Lycra varieties that can be worn under a blouse or vest.