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Lucky Leather Foldover Bag

If I were to select one word to best explain the Lucky Leather Fold over Bag, it’d be “flexible”. This tote has quite a range of various styles in itself, translating to several distinct applications for ladies. You can purchase the leather messenger bag for men through

What the tote is used for:

1. A company bag: This fold over tote from Lucky Brand may be folded out (seeming to be a type of “flat” appearance ) for use for company purposes. Used this manner, it may carry a notebook computer, papers or folders.

2. A regular tote bag: Another edition of the bag is folded and worn across the shoulder within an all-purpose bag bag.

3. A messenger bag: Adding to the flexibility of the tote is a crossover strap that accompanies it, allowing the bag to be converted into a messenger bag – a convenient use for students, business women and for girls who only prefer a”hands free” method of carrying their items.

The appearances: Personally, I really like the look of this bag. It’s a type of”earthy” look to it, using a fun yet fairly straightforward layout. The leather used is a top quality – very supple and soft. It’s also offered in various styles such as the first layout, a variant using a perforated top at a gray shade known as”Iron Gates” while the other fashion comes from black embroidered with vivid, vibrant threads.

Colours: The colours offered for your Lucky Foldover Bag are as changeable as it has fashions. It may be located in conventional dark and light brown, black and also some rather bright and bold colors like “Ultraviolet” blue,”Dusty Lavendar”, and “Green Envy”.

Regardless of what colour or special style is preferred for your Lucky Leather Foldover Bag (also referred to as the Lucky Brand “Abbey Road”), it is difficult to deny that it’s among the most stunning and functional bags available for ladies.