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Should You Buy Gold and Silver Coins to Protect Your Wealth?

With the uncertainty surrounding the economy today and for the foreseeable future, a great idea to protect wealth would be to invest a portion of your wealth in physical gold and silver. One way to start investing in physical gold and silver is to buy gold and silver coins.

There is a lot to know about coin collecting before you start. Numismatic is generally the word for used coin collecting, but it is more than that. The origin is the Latin word "Numisma" which means currency. Numismatics includes the collection of coins, medals, tokens, and notaphily, which is the collection of paper money and bills. You can also buy the gold silver coins from

In the area of gold and silver coins, the metals used to make the coin, the mint of origin, the volume of coins minted, the quality of the coin, and the rarity of the coin are all factors in the value of the coin. The higher the percentage of gold and silver in the coin, the more it will be worth.

For example, most silver dollars circulating in North America before 1965 were made up of 90% silver. Since 1965, the percentage of silver has dropped dramatically. The exception is coins minted for proofs or collectibles that have a mint mark or certificate indicating a superior silver or gold composition.

Governments around the world are increasing the amount of paper money they print, reducing the purchasing power of paper dollars. If the economic crisis continues as it is or worsens and becomes hyperinflationary, then having a portion of your wealth in gold and silver coins is a good idea. Having high-value gold and silver coins available to trade or spend will help you be financially secure for the future.