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Information about Custom Area Rug Cleaning and Maintenance

There is no real difference between a rug and a carpet. Hence the maintenance process is exactly the same and there is no real difference. But for carpets, you need to invest more time and experience in carpet cleaning. You can choose high tech  area rug cleaning at .

Carpets are bought for many reasons. And based on that, you will need a cleaning process that is specific to the purpose for which you purchased the carpet. Of course, if you buy rugs as a base, you will need to clean them more often than other rugs in your home.

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In general, carpets should be vacuumed at least three to four times a week. If you're vacuuming, if it's a mat, at least take it outside so that the dust inside doesn't cause an adverse allergic reaction.

Additionally, all your surface rugs should be shampooed at least once or twice every six months. There are many carpet shampoos that are used to clean carpets. Make sure to follow the directions on the packaging to make sure you don't damage your carpet.

Sometimes you don't even have to vacuum your carpet. All you have to do is get it out and hit the wall to get rid of the dust build up. This is slightly better than using a vacuum cleaner, which may not remove small clippings of grass or chunks of wood between the bristles of the brush.

But I wouldn't recommend a stiff-bristled broom for cleaning your carpet. Such hair can cause your carpet to wear down more quickly. If you are using a broom, it is better to use a broom with soft bristles as it will not be rough on the carpet.