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Buying The Right Sprinkler System

There are four basic types of sprinklers. Each sprinkler type has its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing the right sprinkler for you, consider your lawn size, soil type, and frequency of watering.

A fixed or stationary sprinkler is the most formidable of the four basic types. The fixed lawn sprinkler is best used for watering lawns. You can also find the yard sprinkling system in Delavan online.

The grass may receive 6-8 inches of water at the outer edge of the spray pattern, while the grass at the base might only get 2 inches per hour. This is because the water flows through small holes at the base, which has a fixed pattern.

Oscillating sprinklers are made from a piece of plastic or metal with small holes. They move in a circular pattern to deliver water. This sprinkler delivers water more efficiently by pausing at the furthest point. 

Modern models allow you to adjust the pattern and the spray width. A rotating sprinkler uses one or more arms to spray water circularly. Although this sprinkler can be used in a wide area, it is less uniform in its delivery to the lawn. The majority of water is delivered to an area between 4-9 feet.

An impulse or impact sprinkler can be used to cover large areas. This sprinkler uses a combination of a hammer and a jet to shoot water in a circular pattern. Many models have a head that can be adjusted from a fine mist to strong pulses or anything in-between. This type of sprinkler provides good coverage.

To avoid any damage, make sure the heads are marked when your lawn is being aerated.