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Buying pants in Different colors

When it comes to choosing colors for dress pantsuits the field is pretty wide open, depending on your personality and the function to which we will be wearing the outfit, but there are some guidelines that may assist you in selecting the perfect pant :

• Black – is always a good color, especially for evening, as it always looks smart and you can wear any color top with it. You can also easily change the look by using different accessories such as belts, bags, shoes, and jewelry. Black is an acceptable color for virtually any function, with the exception of daytime weddings and other religious ceremonies. You can also buy gorgeous skinny cargo pants for boys.

• Red – is a good color if it suits your complexion and personality. It is a fun and cheeky color, and maybe a bit loud for certain formal occasions, but if you can pull it off, then, by all means, be a siren and flaunt your stuff!

• White – is a lovely romantic color and is always a good color for less formal functions such as luncheons, birthday parties, and Caribbean cruises. Can also be worn to formal functions if satin.

• Navy – is seen to be more of a corporate color, so good for work functions, but not so great for weddings or formal dinners.

• Grey – similar to navy, it is more suited to office wear than formal functions.

• Floral – may be fine for daytime events, but certainly not formal evening functions.