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What Do You Need To Know About Incursions?

Main Schools
School incursions are an exceptional way for kids to know about key regions of the program while having fun. All of the incursions are accommodated annually and insure results included in the college syllabus. If you are interested in incursions then click the link

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  • The demonstrations are conducted by our seasoned teachers. 
  • Contained in the bundle; A tailored delivering to satisfy your requirements
  • The 40-minute presentation about invertebrates customized to match your subject. 
  • Teachers are provided with handouts to photocopy with follow up actions, lesson plans, and methods to Help in the retention of data from students  
  • Included in the cost is appropriate coloring and preschool activities which may be completed from the days following the demonstration. 

Secondary Schools

  • Secondary school applications are now available and can be conducted by an experienced and competent biologist. These fascinating and educational presentations are acceptable for biology, general science, animal science, and ecology courses and cover a vast assortment of subjects.  
  • Ecology research and sampling methods, invertebrate preservation and identification, insect anatomy and life cycles, and biological management are only a few of the topics which may be included. 
  • Each subject is conducted as a workshop and also many equipment and substances are included in the purchase price. The workshops are centered on hands-on learning together with pupils invited to engage in a variety of activities.