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Wall Air Conditioner Advice, Tips and Quick Fixes

The three biggest complaints about the wall air conditioning system are poor performance, high noise levels and high labor costs. In all fairness, this is often a related problem and a surprisingly common problem mainly due to poor installation, maintenance and operation.

First, make sure your wall air conditioner is installed on the shaded side of your room. The wall air conditioner on this side helps in the heat transfer process so you don’t have to work hard. You can also get more information about the best wall air conditioner via

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However, do not place your device in a location with restricted or obstructed airflow. It is very important to create a tight seal where the device meets any holes in your walls or window openings for efficient cooling. 

Cleaning is over time cheap and easy to apply (some of which are actually magnetic) and easy to find at hardware stores. If you are a tenant or do not have access to a corner where insulation can install windows, our best advice is that a cheap accordion grand piano next to your device is almost useless. 

Clean your filter. Dirty filters not only don’t work properly, they reduce airflow from the entire system. A simple rule of thumb is if you need to clean the lint traps in the dryer, you may also need to clean the AC filter.

The key here is that there are lots of little things you can do to help your wall air conditioner reach its maximum performance, so you can cool off and keep your bankroll cool.