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Video Game Marketing Strategy

Video games are a multi-billion-dollar industry. It is growing exponentially on the internet and mobile devices. This can make it overwhelming to create a strategy for your game, regardless of whether you're a publisher or a developer. First, consider your budget. Next, think about using established websites to promote your game. 

You can list your game on numerous sites, including the Free Website Directory. You can also submit a quality article about what makes your game unique to top Article Directories. You can also get discounts on Merch while becoming a member of Mad hatters.

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Social media sites like Digg, Stumbleupon and Facebook will make it easier to spread your game's message. This is where the goal lies: get your website listed on as many social bookmarking and networking sites as possible. YouTube is the second most popular search engine, but many people ignore it or underestimate its power. 

To ensure that your game is discussed with thousands of gamers, make sure to create trailers and in-game footage. You can also share traffic from top sites by adding a banner to your site. This is best for indie games, as large budget publishers and developers will prefer to concentrate on Social Media. 

It's a good idea to invest in SEO (search engine optimization) if the game will be around for longer than five years. Search Engine visitors combined with social media will make any pre-and post-launch successful. You can make new friends in the videogame industry (to submit press releases and blogs about yourself).