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Using Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

Full face motorcycle helmets have the most stylish and elegant designs of any other type of helmet on the market. They are known to be more expensive due to the level of protection they provide along with modern, smooth construction and durability.

These types of hulls are made up mostly of aluminum. Very rarely will another type of material be used to build this contraption. Any size face will be able to fit a full face helmet due to the oval shape and the extra space the device provides. You can also navigate to and buy full face motorcycle helmets.

RXT "STONE" Full Face - Solid Matt Black

To prevent vision impairment related to your peripheral vision, an optically correct preformed face shield is added as a feature. Drivers can enjoy less vision distortion and UV protection.

This could be why full face motorcycle helmets are so popular. Another troubleshooting feature of this helmet is fogging that occurs when the rider is breathing.

This can get really bad under certain environmental conditions. Most manufacturers know this and have added an anti-fog locking tab. When pushed forward, the shield opens enough for air to pass through. This clears the fog so the driver can see clearly.

The face shield is made primarily of fiberglass. Manufacturers used this material because it is lightweight and will put less pressure on the rider’s neck; Less tension means more driving hours and excitement.

Foam interiors are added not only for comfort, but also in case of an accident. The extra foam acts as a cushion made for heavy impacts.

Sometimes the cheeks can experience rubbing and chafing unless they have some sort of barrier between them and the helmet. Most full face motorcycle helmets have removable cheek pads. To decrease the turbulence and all the pressure on the face, a ‘Free Flow System’ is added.