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Top Questions on Social Media Content Management Answered


Simply put, yes. It’s a resounding “Yes”. This is [I].

  • More than half of the world uses a smartphone.
  • Nearly two-thirds (or more) of the world’s population has a cell phone.
  • Mobile phones now account for more than half the web traffic in the world.
  • More than half the mobile connections worldwide are now ‘broadband.
  • Over one-fifth of the world’s population has made online purchases in the last 30 days.

Social media is home to more than 2Billion people. Conversations have long moved onto digital platforms. Information consumption has moved online. Businesses must stay competitive, relevant, and current in order to reach customers. It’s easy to lose if you snooze. But, social media is not just about posting updates on all the platforms. You need to think and work harder. You can also get more information about social media content management via

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What are the best social media platforms for my business?

Establishing a presence on social media platforms is the first step to joining the digital conversation. While it is wise not to use all platforms, it is also not wise to do so. The best platforms are those that are most relevant to the target audience of the company or organization.

The platform must be compatible with the target audience and relevant to the business. Google +, for instance, is the third most used social media platform worldwide. However, it doesn’t make the top five in Singapore. Pinterest is a great resource for visual-driven businesses such as interior design and jewelry, but it’s worth considering.

PRoTip – Avoid duplicating content. To maximize the reach and traction of your messages, optimize each content format for different platforms.