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The Joy of Riding Fixies For Fun And Relaxation

The word "fixie" came from the streets to refer to a fixed gear bike. It's a single-speed bicycle, which means it doesn't have a freewheel mechanism and can't coast when your wheels are spinning or going too fast. When your rear wheel turns backward, so do your pedals, which can hit your ankle if you don't keep your feet on the pedal clamps.

However, for all its negative qualities, these only become disadvantages when fixies are used in situations that are not meant for them, such as going off the road where the path is just a dirt road with potholes or somewhere have to go up. Navigate to, to find singlespeed bike in Berlin.

Simple fixies with a front brake and rear flip flop hub

The truth is that Fixes are the best bikes for enjoying a fun day out with your family or friends at the park or in your neighborhood suburbs where there is a good footpath on the sidewalk or bike path. Many of these single-speed flip flops come with hubs that allow you to spin the rear wheel to set it at the freewheeling speed.

A fixed-gear bike has a simple structure of parts. Since there are no gears, the bike is light in weight and easy to maintain. Of course, the bike remains in good condition as long as its owner understands how to keep the tires in the air and grease the chains.

A fashionable ride that improves foot and knee health

Fixed gear bicycles are a return to the time when bike messengers were still common. They function in much the same way as penny farthings, which are among the earliest versions of bicycles. Due to their speed and simplicity in design, Fixies became the ride of choice by hipsters who relish its retrofit style. In addition, single-speed cycles also help promote good foot and knee fitness due to the lack of gear. 

Some towns have also been known to issue tickets to riders using fixies without brakes. Before taking out your fixed gear bike for riding in rural areas you will need to check the fixes on this site or ask your local bike shop about the ordinances issued in that city.