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How to Waterproof Your Property in Sydney?

Damp, water and rain can cause damage to your home, especially on the external parts of your home.

Here is a guide on types of waterproofing products that you can use to help prevent water absorption and retention and to protect your house against moisture, water penetration and leakage.

A water seal is a substance impermeable to water which is penetrating clear and colourless. It is a hydrophobic liquid which contains the silicone used for preventing the entry of water through the porous surfaces. For example, bricks over a period of time will lose their resistance to penetration of water. A water seal replacing this resistance. water sealer is ideal for porous surfaces and building materials such as brick, stone, plaster of cement and concrete.

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Seal water also has the advantage of leaving a breathing wall, allowing moisture in the walls to evaporate. It will also keep them dry and clean walls and help prevent efflorescence, damage due to frost and the general erosion by water.

A water seal must be applied when the weather is dry for at least 3-4 days and there is no rain or frost due to the day of application. It is easy to apply with a soft brush, working from the bottom of the wall up. Our highly porous hard surfaces, two layers are to be applied, the second applied when the first layer is completely dried. Another layer can be added after 30 days.