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Things About Lash Perm And Lash Lifting

Lash lifting is then something completely different or better and it is necessary to use different products when applying it. 

 Eyelash perm

Lash Perm is an older variant of lash lifting. The lashes were curled using curlers of different sizes or special clips, and the lashes were curled more in an "L" shape. You can also check eyelash perming kit through various online sources.

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Lash lifting

The biggest difference between lash lifting and lash perm is in used curlers. During lash lifting, special silicone pads are used, to which the lashes are glued one by one, and then the products are applied to them. 

This makes lashes curl in a more natural – "C" shape and the product application more precise. Thanks to the curlers, it is easy to curl lashes in the corners of the eyes, but the overall application is more time-consuming compared to lash perm.


The products that cause the curl of the lashes are the same for both lash perm and lash lifting. It is always at first a product that prepares the eyelashes for the next steps – cleans and opens the surface of the lashes and finally, nourishing products are applied, thanks to which the lashes remain healthy and strong even after application. 

The use of lash perm or lash lifting is a great option for clients with straight lashes and for those who do not want or for some reason cannot have eyelashes extensions. The curled lashes look natural, suit everyone and the effect lasts up to 4 weeks.