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Looking To Get Express Entry To Canada?

Canada is one of the top travel destinations in terms of immigration from India. Thousands of people migrate to Canada from India each year. Canada offers better career opportunities, better infrastructure, better health and education facilities, and much more. The immigration advisor will make sure you find the right city where you can find everything that you and your family need. Canada has a very low crime rate and an immigrant-friendly policy, making it a dreamland for immigrants.

Express Entry To Canada

Express Entry is a system developed by the Canadian Federal Government together with various provincial governments. When the option of express entry visa Canada from is selected, your immigration application will be processed at high speed and you will be able to go through many additional processes and protocols. This system is an acronym for professionals whose skills are highly demanded by local industries and businesses in Canada.

How Express Entry Works for Canadian Immigration 2019

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There are 3 programs in Express Entry Canada from India, FSTP (Federal Skilled Trade Program), FSWP (Federal Skilled Workers Program), and CEC (Canada Experience Class). All of these programs need you to obtain points on the CRS system to qualify.

CRS Points refer to the points the candidate has to achieve in the overall ranking system. Points are awarded based on the spouse's age, educational qualification, work experience, skills, language and educational qualifications, work experience, and skills. All of these points will contribute to the final CRS calculation to determine if the applicant is eligible for Canadian Express Entry from India.