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Split Earlobe Repair in Cheshire: Ear Reconstruction

Split earlobe surgery isn't as glamorous as breast implants. Botox injections are popular for removing facial wrinkles. Laser technology can also be used to remove unwanted facial hairs. In Cheshire, if you are a candidate for labioplasty, which is the tongue-twisting medical term for the repair of split or torn earlobes, then popularity should not be your concern.

Although ears are not something that is often noticed, they are essential. Apart from hearing, they are also used to attach earplugs or Bluetooth devices to your ears. Some people consider their most important attribute to be able to display beautiful jewelry.

Unfortunately, it is the lovely jewelry that is most often responsible for earlobe injury. Earlobes can be both delicate and strong. It's amazing, then, that this tiny flap of skin doesn't get infected more often. So you can check my site to learn more about split earlobe repair surgery.

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In Cheshire, Split earlobe repair can be done easily and is common enough. The entire procedure is completed in minutes. Sutures that hold the seam together can be removed within a week. The most common dressing is an antibiotic ointment. However, if you want to dress it up (or if your earrings are a bit too big), a child's decorative dots plaster will work.

If you want it, some surgeons will re-pierce your lobe immediately after suturing. The hardest part of split earlobe surgery is the recovery time. This is especially true if your earrings are a passion. Clip-on earrings are a great option if you're looking for something more elegant than the old-fashioned earrings your grandmother wore.