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The Types Of Livestock Farming

There are different types of livestock systems that differ in their respective production processes.

1. Intensive Livestock Farming

Intensive farms accommodate animals with the appropriate temperature, feed, and health services necessary to produce healthier and faster animals. In this system, breeds are selected for different types of production. It is capital intensive and labor-intensive. You can also look for dorper sheep for sale online for livestock farming.

2. Semi-Intensive Livestock Farming

In semi-intensive farms, animals are raised and fed, but they are allowed to graze on the farm or move around for cleaning in closed areas on the farm.

3. Extensive Livestock Farming

Extensive livestock farming is carried out in large areas such as meadows, grasslands, or mountains so that animals can graze and use natural resources in various areas. This is usually done with animals adapted to the type of land for which they are intended. This system promotes the protection of the ecosystem.

4. Nomadic Livestock Farming

Nomadic farming is characterized by the fact that animals such as cows graze over large tracts of land so that they can naturally feed themselves. In this system, animals are kept in different countries to eat different foods and resources.

This type of livestock is known as nomads or semi-nomads. It is typical for people who live in dry areas that are difficult to grow, such as some areas in Africa and Asia.

5. Organic Livestock Farming

Organic agriculture is a livestock system designed to get the best quality food without using synthetic chemicals such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and others. Animals also take up a lot of space and eat natural products.