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Phoenix Custom Window Design Trends For Your Home

In Phoenix, your standard rectangular windows will blend in with the side of your home, most likely. They are almost invisible to the naked eye. Custom-designed windows in Phoenix will make your home stand out. Window companies often offer custom-designed windows and can help you choose from a variety of shapes and designs. Create a list of installation guidelines for contractors before hiring them.

Shape Options

You don't have to stick with square and rectangular windows. If you want to make your home more unique, look into windows that are different shapes. You can get custom windows in any shape you like, including half circles, quarter circles, and triangles. You can even design your shape with some window contractors, though the cost may rise if you have more specific requirements.

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Architectural Considerations

Standard rectangular windows may not be the best choice if you have put so much effort into your house design. You might want large windows that mirror the staircase in the living room or picture windows that look up to the magnificent view from your master bedroom. A half-circle window within the arch can enhance the design and allow the sun to stream into your foyer if you have built an archway above the front door. Think about the size and shape of your window as well as the shape and layout of the room. Consider how much light you would like to allow into the space. Also, consider the type of window treatments that you prefer.