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Get Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), alternatively called as 'hyperbaric medicines', refers to treatment procedures that should be provided to the body in situations of exposure to high atmospheric pressures.

HBOT can be applied in four typical situations. Either, you need to cater to the overall pressure increase of your body, or increase the amount of oxygen in body tissues. You can also visit Hyperbaric Medical Center for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

There might be defective oxygen transport of your vascular system that might avail the uses of HBOT. This treatment has had marked effect on condition pertaining to stem cells or progenitor cells to recover damaged organs, as well.

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The technology is quite advanced and promises to restore normal lifestyle to patients suffering from this disease. To understand the basic application, a bit of biophysical chemistry, comes into play.

For our survival, the vital requirement of oxygen is maintained by the normal atmospheric pressure, such that with decreasing atmospheric pressure the dissolution of gases in our circulatory fluid decreases.

Thus, it potentially decreases the adequate supply of oxygen to our cells. To increase oxygen supply, we need to advocate 'hyperbaric treatments'. Let's look into a typical 'hyperbaric' condition.

The miscibility of certain gases (nitrogen, for example) increases proportionately with the increase of pressure under-water. Thus, your blood becomes a mixture of several gases, when you are diving deep into the waters.

 HBOT helps in treating infection. It enhances the WBC action and initiating antibiotics that help in germ killing. This process also helps in stimulating growth of RBC at zones where circulation is reduced.