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How Your Mouth Can Change Your Personality?

How your mouth can change your personality is a topic that is often talked about, but not always fully understood. From the sounds you make when you speak to the shape of your smile, your mouth has a major impact on how people perceive you. 

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1. Your Mouth Can Change Your Voice: The way you speak is affected by the shape of your mouth. If you have a wide smile, it will sound more cheerful and happy than if you have a narrow smile. This is because a wider smile has more space between your teeth, which gives the voice a higher-pitched tone.

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2. Your Mouth Can Change How You Look In Photos: A big part of the impression we make on others is based on how we look in photos. If you want to project an image of confidence and power, having a wide Smile can help achieve that goal. Conversely, if you want to project an image of warmth and friendliness, having a narrow Smile can be more effective.

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