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Raleigh’s Office Movers – Questions To Ask Before Hiring

No matter what, as a business grows in size, it will need comfortable accommodations. Commercial moves usually are more complex due to the moving of sensitive equipment needed in today's world.

Do you know a good commercial moving company? If not, we will help you find one. Here's a list of the questions to ask office movers before hiring!

1. Do you have a team of high-quality and experienced commercial movers in Raleigh NC?

2. Are you able to relocate offices?

3. Are you able to offer after-hours or weekend office moving services? (It is important to not disrupt your office during peak hours.

4.  Are you reliable and prompt in executing commercial moves?

5. Do your movers have experience in packing? Are there satellite tracking and representatives available to help with unloading and setup?

7. Are your movers skilled in the transport of sensitive electronic equipment that is designed to protect high-value items?

8. Are you equipped with the right trucks to protect high-value items?

If you are going to hire them, when should you call? Call the professional movers as soon as you can determine a time for your move. The sooner you call the professional mover, the better, as schedules must be coordinated. Moving companies expect their customers to give them at least four to six weeks' notice. They prefer to have more time so that they can meet your delivery schedule.