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Gift Ideas For The Cigar Lover In Your Life

Here are some of the great gift ideas for cigar lovers:


If you bought a gift for a cigar expert, chances are they already have an ashtray. In fact, they may have some around their house or on their patios and decks. However, you can find a variety of styles and designs to suit their taste. You can also buy the best cigar gifts through various online sources.

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You can buy them a personalized ashtray with their initials engraved on it, or go for a fancy shape to match their home décor. There are also some cigar rack ashtrays which are great for gatherings and parties where several people enjoy a cigar.


A cigar box or box is a must for every smoker. It contains exactly what the hobby connects: the cigars. When it comes to this special item, nothing is greater than having a personalized cigar box.

With a wide selection of designs, you can have a personalized cigar box for the cigar lover in your life with their initials or last names. The elegant design is carved in a beautiful wooden case fastened with a brass buckle.

As well as being functional, this gift doubles as a decorative piece that will add class and sophistication to any office, living room, or bedroom.


Matches are old-fashioned and sometimes difficult to use. Standard lighters work fine, but where's the fun in that? A cigar smoker requires the right gear, and a firm, beautiful, even personalized torch lighter makes a great gift.

Since several cigar lovers like to show how much they enjoy life, they will most likely love to have beautiful items to use and display.