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Chris Casacci Wins Hearts During The Pandemic

Unprecedented times call for extraordinary efforts from people who believe in making a difference in the lives of our community members.  Christopher Casacci of Sunbeam Laboratories LLC has made a notable contribution in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The co-founder of the large-scale manufacturer of hand sanitizers has come forward to donate hand sanitizers and face masks in support of the community.

Originally, the company made CBD oil products but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, they are using the same infrastructure to manufacture up to 50,000 sanitizer bottles/day to meet the overwhelming market demand.

“If you can’t get your hands on a disinfectant and you’re at high risk it just adds and exacerbates that already stressful time,” Chris Casacci said.

“We want to give back and support the community but also remind everyone that when things get bad you hope that it brings out the best in you,” Chris added.  These concerted efforts have been applauded by the local communities and other beneficiaries of their donations.

Dressed up in inflatable costumes, Chris and his team distributed FREE hand sanitizers at the Transit Drive-In for people in Erie and Niagara Counties. This large event was one of several donation drives spearheaded to help NYS residents. 

Last year, Christoper Casacci was in news for shifting the company’s business operations to the Town of Tonawanda. Acknowledging how the local community acquiesced to the business proposal, he shared, "We have a great many people with no GED, hardworking, want a stable job that pays well, comfy atmosphere, come to work and support their family."

Chris remains steadfast in his approach to expand his businesses in WNY, helping promote jobs and goodwill among its residents.