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How to Select a Car Transportation Service

Whether you're shipping an expensive exotic, antique, or classic car or a standard family car, you can always count on finding a reputable car transport company that offers a delivery package that meets your needs and fits your budget.

There are various types of road transportation companies that provide a variety of services such as international and domestic transportation, special vehicle transportation, luxury cars, and antique cars. There are many companies that provide international car transport services at a good price.

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The car transport company should notify you in advance of any possible delays. If you need an exact pick-up date, most vehicle transfer services can pick up your car and store it in a secure location for an additional fee.

Car companies use various methods to transport your car over long distances, e.g. on-board trucks, car carriers, covered trailers and other more customized options.

If you hand over your car to a car transport company, be sure to get an inspection report, this document provides information about receipt and delivery, current mileage and information about the condition of your car. 

If you cancel your contract within the stipulated timeframe, you should expect a fee. It can sometimes be difficult for companies to verify delivery dates, but some car companies offer a warranty that will cover the rental car if they can't make the agreed delivery, know the price, and the maximum dollar per day covered.