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Pestigator – A Lawn Insect Control Solution

Designed for max coverage, the pestigator is a lawn insect control system that uses your existing irrigation system / sprinklers to spray pesticide. It's most useful in places with large amounts of ground to hide like apartment complexes, golf courses, hotels, and other places that insects make their playground. There are several companies such as Environmental Factor which provide lawn insect control solutions.

The pestigator is meant to be used with the natural, safe best yet insecticide, which is formed from cedar oil and liquid quartz rock, making it extremely effective for killing a good sort of bugs, yet is 100% safe for humans, animals, and therefore the environment. Pestigator are often used with a replacement or existing irrigation or mobile system to quarantine a delegated area from mosquitoes and other problem insects.

lawn insect control

The simplest solution has the facility to kill all insects within 45 seconds of contact. The pestigator natural insect system is a reasonable alternative to expensive misting systems, which may cost thousands of dollars. and in contrast to other insect management systems that use chemical insecticide, the pestigator was designed specifically to use the all natural Cedar Oil based products.

Using sophisticated valves and a timer system to efficiently deliver the right amount of cedar oil concentrate into the irrigation channels, the covered area is totally covered and treated for insects. Fully automated and using the prevailing irrigation system, the pestigator offers an efficient solution for effectively riding big areas from annoying insects that drive guests far away from homes and customers faraway from businesses.

Whether you manage a business with an outsized lot or a home with ample lawn space, the Pestigator may be a smart solution once you have an insect bugging you and tons of ground to hide so as to unravel the insect problem!