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Know about call forwarding Types

Commonly known as a call diversion, call forwarding is a feature that helps business to direct their incoming calls to different numbers. You can move landline to cell phone via

1. Unconditional Forwarding

Because the name itself shows, forwarding without the requirement to direct all your incoming calls to different calls. This means that every single call on your cellphone will be diverted to another number, as specified by you.

To use your existing number with exotel, you must activate the dialing immediately. It will divert all calls to land on your phone number to your exophone. Activation of this facility is generally free and the cost is equivalent to one outgoing call, which depends on the operator.

2. Conditional call forwarding

Apart from the mentioned above, there are other types of application forwarding features operating under certain conditions that have been determined. This is mainly known as a conditional call forwarding.