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Read About Best Marketing Reporting Tool For Small Business

Finder: Do you want an intuitive approach to data exploration? If so, the finder is the application for you. It has a web-based interface that adds rockets to the performance of your data analysis team.

This application helps your team create and share reports in a short amount of time so that other departments can continue to use these reports to speed up business operations.

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Datapine: It has no competitors in terms of processing ad hoc requests at very high speeds. It is equipped with the best data connectors, excellent analysis, and sophisticated calculations so users can gather and research the information they need as quickly as possible.

With interesting data visualizations and powerful filters, the software makes it easy to create simple and interesting reports that can impress you and your stakeholders. This is a flexible software that adapts to any business, regardless of size and complexity.

QlikView: QlikView is a platform that allows users to create reports efficiently and with lightning speed. This software makes it easy to export reports in various file formats for faster approval. You can also print reports directly from the platform, so you can avoid several steps for printing reports.

You can give people access to the software needed to exchange data seamlessly between them. With QlikView, you can customize dashboards, templates, and connectors for a more personal experience.