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Ways To Recycle Foam Coolers

Recycling is better than throwing away a foam cooler in your trash can. A recycled one can be used for other purposes. We'll show you how to recycle any foam coolers you don't want.

The record-breaking 'post-BP oil leak' Spring Break season has sparked a lot of controversy on the Emerald Coast of Florida and Gulf Coast of Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas. Social media images of trash-strewn beaches and news media are causing quite a stir. 

The foam cooler, despite being smaller in size, is the most visible element of this type of environmental neglect. They are often more visible and get the most negative reactions from the public when they see their beaches being trashed by inconsiderate individuals. They don't deserve this negative reputation. People have the choice to discard or recycle, and they also have the responsibility to leave footprints on the beaches.


Expanded polystyrene coolers (EPS) are 100% recyclable and can be reused or repurposed. This, combined with the fact we have more resources and modern methods to recycle store-bought EPS coolers, means that we have the best chance ever to keep the environment clean and free of EPS foam debris.

You can recycle foam coolers that you don't want to throw away by using one of these three methods.

Drop-Off or Pick-Up

If your company takes care of your trash regularly, they should have an EPS Foam recycling program in place. You should ask them. If they have one, you should ask them for specific instructions about yours. Some companies will separate it from other recyclables, while others will allow customers to drop off a variety of EPS foam products, including coolers since they can be recycled so easily. Ask your company to look into EPS foam recycling programs if they do not offer them. Many resources can be used to create one and make a profit.


According to the EPS Industry Alliance, there are over 200 collection sites that support these recycling efforts. You may also find a company nearby that accepts cooler drop-offs. If you don't have the resources to recycle your coolers yourself, an internet search or yellow page search will help you find one. TIP: Make sure to coordinate your drop-off with the company before you go. Never leave coolers, or other trash out for the staff to pick up. Companies should not abandon their recycling efforts because they aren't paying enough attention.