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5 Excellent Advantages of Having Roller Blinds in Your Home

advantages of roller blinds

If you have been hesitant in deciding on whether roller blinds are a good option for your home, look no further as we will review five of the best advantages. These advantages are ease of operation, durability, style, ease of maintenance, and light control.

roller blinds

Easy to Operate

There is nothing worse than installing something in your home that is extremely inconvenient to use. With roller blinds, that won’t be an issue. They can be manual, operated using a cord or chain, as well as motorised, which can be controlled using a remote control or wall switch.


Roller blinds are built to last, even the cheaper versions. Gone are the days where you have to replace your roller blinds annually (or more frequently). High-quality parts and manufacturing mean they generally last a minimum of 10 years, or even longer if you look after them. 


Roller blinds bring with them an elegant feel. Installing them will raise the standard of any room. Additionally, there are many colour and texture options available, allowing you to ensure you get the right match for your room.

Low Maintenance

Roller blinds require very little maintenance. If they are looked after, the cords, chains or motors don’t experience much wear and tear. The fabric is also easy to clean. They are designed to be stain, mould and dust resistant, making cleaning a breeze.

Light Control

Light can be easily controlled with blockout roller blinds. These are made of thick material which blocks out 98% of light. This is perfect for people who work shifts or for those wanting to sleep in or have an afternoon nap.

blockout blinds

The benefits of roller blinds in your home are extensive. Five of the best benefits are ease of operation, durability, stylish, low maintenance, and light control. Be sure to contact your local blinds specialist for the best options to suit your home.