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Introduction To Electrolysis Hair Removal Method

Electrolysis is a procedure that must be performed by a professional who has significant skills and training. The result of a permanent removal procedure in the treated area. There are many professionals that provide permanent hair removal services like STRIP: Soprano Ice (LASER) Hair Removal in Hong Kong.

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Electrologists usually insert a very thin needle into the root of each hair follicle and then send an electric charge to kill it. If the hair is already active in the growth phase, it will no longer grow. 

The electrolysis method is time-consuming and can be painful, and removal is prohibited over large areas. According to research, electrolysis costs between $ 40 and $ 130 per hour.

The electrolysis method is considered a permanent procedure while ongoing attention is paid to regrowth. This procedure works very well regardless of hair colour or skin tone. This method is time-consuming as each hair is usually treated individually.

When someone finally wants to remove the hair around the lips, bikini line, or chin, electrolysis is the best option. For large areas that take longer to care for, laser hair removal is the best option.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment typically uses a device that targets a specific area of skin and usually produces multiple wavelengths of light to destroy the hair follicles. Despite the fact that laser treatment results in permanent hair removal, most of the time it reduces hair growth but does not provide complete permanent removal. 

Various treatments are required to destroy the various hairs that usually appear during the growing season. Laser treatment costs an average of $ 380, while an average of five laser treatments is required.