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How To Lose Fat Using A Jump Rope

Jumping rope isn't rocket science, but you may not know exactly what to do for a good rope workout. Just follow these simple steps and you will have an excellent formula to burn fat fast.

Before you start, here's what you'll want to do:

1. Take a good rope. You can also buy jump ropes online.

2. Find a cushioned surface such as a wooden floor, fitness mat, outdoor track, or tennis court to jump on. Jumping on concrete is not good for your joints.

3. Make sure you have good shoes or cross-trainers with plenty of cushioning for your feet.

4. Have a clock or timer that you can see clearly so you can keep track of your time.

5. Enjoy fun music to keep you motivated.

6. Realize that jumping rope requires coordination. Do not give up. The more you exercise, the better you will be!

For the best jump rope practice, you'll want to jump rope at regular intervals. Start by doing a test to see how long you can comfortably jump for. If it is 20 seconds then jump for 20 seconds and rest for 40. If it's 3 minutes, then jump for three minutes and relax for one minute. The amount of rest will depend on your fitness level.

For jumping style, start by running or hopping in place with the rope. You remain stationary and lift up your knees with each turn of the rope.

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Benefits Of Skipping For Fitness

Unsurprisingly, boxers, who are probably some of the best athletes out there, engage in jumping drills regularly to help coordinate hand-to-eye and cardiovascular fitness. Skipping is one of the cheapest exercises.

You need minimal equipment, minimal space, and you can train anywhere – indoors or outdoors. You can buy a professional jump rope online via To get through your routine, all you need is:

1) Jump rope

Jumping rope is very inexpensive and is available at sports specialty stores. To make sure the length of your rope matches your height, stand in the middle of the rope and pull the handle up until the rope is firm. The handle should be parallel to the center of your chest.

2) Training shoes

Skipping is a strenuous activity that is beneficial for bone strength. But it is important to wear appropriate shoes. The jumping effect – especially with more advanced movements – requires that your shoes need lateral stability to provide support for your feet. Cross-training shoes that combine stability with cushioning are best. One can buy a professional jump rope via various online sources.

3) Correct surface

Cushioned shoes themselves are not the only consideration you need to know. In fact, you should practice jumping on a "padded" surface such as a gym floor, exercise mat (make sure it doesn't move or slide), or a rug.