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How to Choose a Professional Family Photographer in Cairns

Why it matters

Getting everyone together for a family portrait is not easy, and as children get older it becomes more and more difficult. So after you go through all the difficulties, you want to hire a professional who will get it right, the first time. The moment in time you've worked to create will not come again.

Look carefully at the Portfolio on the website

In addition to face to face meetings with your professional photographers in Cairns, which are also necessary, this is a good way to determine whether the photographer is right for you. There are specific instructions, or red flags, which should tell you immediately whether to call this photographer or to keep looking.

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Are the people in the photo in natural, comfortable positions, or are the bodies manipulated into contrived and forced positions? Is the posing sloppy? For example, are some peoples' heads clearly seen while others are partially hidden behind another person? A photographer's skill at posing is especially important when dealing with large groups.


Do people in your photo look happy and relaxed, and do their expressions match. Most importantly, is there life in the eyes. Do these peoples' person­alities come through, or are they just sitting there getting their picture taken. A good photographer will watch intensely as he shoots to make sure he is getting the best ex­pressions possible.