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Tips on Maintaining a Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

If you have either a cordless or corded electric lawn mower or are thinking about buying one, then below are a couple of ideas about the best way to increase the life of your mower. To know about the best electric lawn mower visit

Battery Care for Cordless Lawn Mowers

For those who have a battery or cordless controlled socket, then it will have a rechargeable battery. As it’s this that powers your mower and will be expensive to replace, you might want to take good care of one’s battery life.

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Try not to fully deaden the batteries if possible – it is likely to soon be less difficult to tell whether the battery is almost flat if your mower has an energy level index. If you have to store your mower over-winter or for a protracted period of time, get rid of the battery prior to storing.

Before you start mowing, always do a quick check of your yard and remove anything lying around – hoses, sprinkler heads, dog bones, and children’s toys are easy to miss and could become dangerous flying projectiles if you accidentally mow over them.

Also, mowing over foreign objects can lead to damage for your mower blades or the mower deck. Take care when mowing next to fences and garden borders, and it is a fantastic idea to switch off the mower in the event that you have to cross over paths or non-grassy areas.