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Difference Between Ballpoint & Rollerball Pens

A similar design method for shaft tanks based on ball bearings is used for pins and rollers. However, the viscosity of the ink used in these two pens is significantly different.

Oil-based inks are utilized in ballpoint pens, whereas roller pens have a much thinner ink, mostly water or gel-based. You can also look for the best rose gold ballpoint pen via

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Gel-based ink sticks have a highly concentrated pigment which results in opaque ink. Unlike roller skates, some versions of the pen have a retractable pen that prevents the ink from drying out. This pen is available in reusable and disposable versions.

Pen Benefits: Pen marks dry quickly, reducing the risk of bleeding and smudging. The higher viscosity of the ink requires the user to give the pen extra strength when writing on paper.

Though, this is not something that is decreasing. This pen feature can come in handy when writing on a copy. The added advantage is that with such thick ink, your bag will barely stain because the ink is very thick and does not leak.

Advantages of roller skating: On the other hand, this pen requires less effort when writing on paper. No need to press and create pictures. This is because the pen contains water-based ink that flows from the tank quickly, making writing smooth and fast.