The Different Types of ASVAB Tests

The battery for the professional skills of the German Armed Forces (ASVAB) is available in many variants, depending on where you enter it and your main purpose for taking the test. The question is the same no matter which version you take, with one exception. 

ASVAB High School

This is a paper version of the test. This "high school version" is officially called "Form 18/19". Andys Specialized Online ASVAB Course is given to youth and adults under a joint program by the Department of Defense and the Department of Education. 


A computer version of the ASVAB is currently available for military input processing stations (MEPS) in the United States. Your tenant plans the test together with the processing of your set. More than 90 percent of those who receive the ASVAB for enlistment in the US Army take the CAT-ASVAB. 

Paper type version

There is also a paper version of the ASVAB used for recruitment. The paper version of the ASVAB used for military recruitment is officially known as "Form 20-22". This version is provided by the armed forces for recording only. Although the questions are different for the high school version and the recruit version, they have the same level of difficulty.

ASVAB in action

This is officially known as the Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT). This is exactly the same as the paper version of the ASVAB. It is accepted by those already in the Army who may wish to reclaim the ASVAB to qualify for retraining for other military jobs.


There is such a thing as a "mini AFQT" that you can pick up at the tenant's office. This test is known as the Computer Adaptive Screening Test, or CAST.