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Know About Counselling and Disputes Resolution

One of the best ways to resolve disputes is to try some form of dispute resolution that can include counselling, mediation or negotiation. This might be useful for you because you might be able to reach several places together without the need to go to court.

There are a number of service providers that can help to counsel but we suggest you ask about their costs before involving it. You can know about dispute resolution through

Like counselling, mediation has its benefits involving the cooperative approach and requires the participation of both parties. Often it doesn't work well where one party refuses to work together or where there is a problem of violence or family harassment. Where counselling, mediation or negotiation leads to an agreement, it can be registered with the family court as an order for approval.

  • Change in family law

Family law is an area that continues to change. The latest changes began to apply from July 1, 2006, with most of them which came into force from that date. Certain provisions began operating starting July 1, 2007, and this was mainly related to children.

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Guide principles are:

1. Children have the right to get to know their parents and are protected from danger.

2. The concept of the same parental responsibility is the same applicable given by children is not at risk.

3. Disputes are completed outside the court if possible.

Collaboration is seen as the key to achieving this result and if this is not possible, then the problem can be taken to court. There will be an extension of the centre of family relations, more intervention and prevention services, expanded dispute resolution services, more post-separation care services and more children's contact services.

In addition, there will be changes to the terminology as happened over the past few years. The residence now will be alive with; Contacts spend time with and communicate with; Residential orders, contacts and specific problems will be a parenting order.