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See What Problems Tongue-Tied Baby Have to Face

Many babies are born tongue-tied and it becomes difficult for them to eat and talk with time. Mothers that bottle-feed might not observe any symptoms since bottle nipples do not need whole mobility of the tongue to extract the milk.

Usually, many parents want to get rid of the tongue tie and they even get ready for the surgical process because this only improves the condition of their baby. The procedure to release the tongue may be performed on an individual of just about any age. 

When the baby begins to suckle, the jaw and tongue proceed in a wavelike movement. This contributes to pressure.


If a toddler is having difficulty latching or feeding, then a frenotomy (Laser lingual frenectomy for infants and children) may be carried out in the physician's clinic. 

Many parents select surgery to heal ankyloglossia to help their kid to prevent the social struggles which could accompany the problem after they grow up. 

Together with affecting language, ankyloglossia can bring problems while eating food. Kids may even have bad breath, promoting terrible hygiene, and unwanted attention from peers.

For young kids with minimal symptoms, a wait and see strategy together with speech therapy might be considered. Professionally guided speech therapy sessions show success with healing ankyloglossia.