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Sauces Used In Asian Cooking

When you're in a grocery store, it can be difficult to understand the different sauces that are used in Asian cuisine.  You can buy different sauces according to your needs at  affordable  prices via

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This guide will help you identify the flavors in each sauce as well as which dishes they work best in.

  1. Soy Sauce is a brown sauce that has a salty flavor. You can get it in both original and lite. It can be used with fish and cabbage as well as it is an all-purpose sauce.
  2. Fish Sauce: This sauce is intimidating because it gives dishes a strong fish flavor. Brown sauce has a stronger smell than it does in taste. It is used frequently in Thai and Southeastern Asian dishes.
  3. Oyster Sauce is a strong oyster sauce that can be used to flavor noodles, meats, seafood, and vegetables. You should only use a small amount, as the flavor can become overwhelming.
  4. Chili Sauce: Chili sauce comes in a variety of flavors. Chili Sauce is used in condiments such as salsa and ketchup. To give the stir-fry a little more spice, you can add it at the end.
  5. Sesame oil: This mildly flavored oil is used in cool dishes to enhance its background flavor. The oil loses its flavor when heated.
  6. Rice wine: This strong vinegar type wine can be used as a dressing or in hot dishes.