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Professional Nebosh National General Certificate Online

If you're looking for a job today, it's a good idea to take the NEBOSH Occupational Health and Safety Standards course. The NEBOSH (National Occupational Safety and Health Examination Commission) safety course was developed in the UK but is also available in ninety countries around the world.

 Many certificate and award programs like best nebosh international general certificate online at are designed to international safety standards and are therefore suitable anywhere in the world. If you are in a leadership position in an organization, you probably already know how important it is to comply with all aspects of health and safety in your company.


You may have years of experience in health and safety management in your field, but a NEBOSH qualification is an internationally recognized qualification to aspire to. An important part of responsibilities in the workplace is to take health and safety seriously.

 It doesn't matter if you are a manager, own a company, or are at the lowest level of your career. Maintaining the safety and protection of others not only helps reduce the risk of accidents but is often a legal requirement that must be met. This is why a general NEBOSH certificate in workplace health and safety is so valuable.

The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 and the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1999 establish what employers should pay attention to in relation to their employees and the public.