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PCI Compliance: For Online Transaction Using Credit Cards

With the development of online transactions using flexible plastic cards, there was the emergence of theft using stolen credit cards, so in lieu of stopping crime payment card industry or PCI compliance was set. PCI compliance is basically a set of rules or standard procedures introduced by the PCI Standards Council to be followed during every online transaction using credit cards. You can also navigate to this website to hire compliance consultants.

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Every business owner has to pay a certain amount to ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) in lieu of checking themselves for PCI Compliance along with an approval to scan their websites and test web servers for PCI compliance in case required. Thousands of automated tests for security checks are run through these ASVs.

This is actually an initiative taken by all credit card companies to keep their system safe and secure from any kind of fraudulent transaction hence forcing business owners to maintain their system safe and secure while payments through credit cards.

Being an online business owner locating an ASV and getting tested for PCI compliance is a must. Since PCI compliance is a mandatory condition for all business owners whose payment is processed through credit cards. PCI scanning is a quarterly affair as set by PCI standard council but some companies offer the same daily. These PCI scanning mainly focuses on any issues during any online transaction. 

Though compliance is not a law but having a PCI compliant online business system is advisable. One has to aware of threats prevailing in online business transactions through credit cards. Well for making a safer online business by the use of cards negligence on part of compliance is strictly not recommended, as this could harm one's business and reputation, even one could be barred from the usage of cards as a mode of payment.