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Oktoberfest – Its All About Beer Drinking Festivals

Oktoberfest offers another opportunity on the calendar for themed costume parties. Originally a Bavarian custom, Oktoberfest has spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world and is now celebrated all over the world. 

All residents of Munich are invited to celebrate their wedding in the surrounding meadows. The celebration lasts for five days and ends with a horse race. You can also get information about oktoberfest ambassador via the web.

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Horse racing was a major attraction in those early years, but the event's popularity grew and became a ritual in the calendar. With the growing popularity of this drinking culture, came the drinking culture, with the original small beer vendors being replaced by larger beer tents at the turn of the century.

Today, Oktoberfest has become a German festival to celebrate the changing of the seasons, although the farm show continues every three years and has become a prominent holiday wherever there is a German community. 

The globalization of Oktoberfest goes hand in hand with the globalization of commerce, which makes authentic German products available either in stores or easily over the Internet. 

Oktoberfest is all about drinking beer, and huge beer tents have been set up in major cities to deal with the onslaught of parties – about 6 million in recent years. Although mugs of light beer are served in this beer marquee, dark beer tends to be drunk in the last months of the year. 

The Oktoberfest meal is a traditional bratwurst served with ham or Kaiser rolls. Bratwurst is always served with German mustard and is often accompanied by sauerkraut and/or potato salad. 

In Germany, this meal is not limited to Oktoberfest but is typically used year-round, with Bratwurst being the backbone of Germany's fast food industry – although golden arches are becoming more common.